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Longevity Force Cut 42i

LONGEVITY ForceCut 42i Plasma Cutter with Continuous Pilot Arc

ForceCut IGBT Series 40AMP Plasma Cutter is capable of cutting up to 1"  thick Steel! This Plasma Cutter weighs in at only 37 lbs and runs off 110/220 1-phase voltage making it the ultimate in portability! This plasma cutter can cut any kind of metal including aluminum, stainless steel or even copper! This is the most portable and capable plasma cutter of any on the market for its retail price! This plasma cutter incorporates Inverter technology which has completely taken over the market for portability and power!  The unit does not have an air compressor built in, but that makes it more dependable. Any shop or home compressor-no matter the size-will do. Your plasma cutter will be backed by an extensive top rated warranty for 5 years that covers parts and labor! Please check out some of our multi-purpose machines if you are interested in a TIG welder with your plasma cutter for a very affordable price!

What is Included?
  • LONGEVITY 40AMP IGBT Plasma Cutter
  • Comes with PT-60 Full Continuous Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Torch 20ft Lead
  • Earth Clamp
  • Consumables: 3 piece tips, 3 piece electrodes 1 sheild cup
  • 110/220 pigtail


Price: $1099.99
Sale Price:$1029.99