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K2783-1 Century 255 Wire Feed Welder On Sale
Unit Includes:
-15Ft. MAGNUM 250L gun and cable assembly with .035 tip
-10 Ft. Ground cable and clamp
-.045 Spare contact tip
-MIG Welding nozzle
-Adjustable gas regulator and hose
-Reel adaptors for 2" and 3" wide 8" diameter spools
-Instruction manual
-10 Ft. Input cable with attached plug
-Three-year warranty parts and labor, 90 day on gun and cable assembly
-Spool Gun Ready
-Built in thermal overload protection
-Running gear with single cylinder rack integrated to base (maximum cylinder size 48", 110 cm) 
Product SKU/Part Number: K2783-1 
Sale Price: $1599.50
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K2532-1Spool Gun On Sale
Fully assembled 10 ft. spool gun and cable assembly. Includes 1 lb. spool of .035 Aluminum wire, 3 contact tips, Instruction manual and cushioned carrying case. 
Product SKU/Part Number: K2532-1 
Sale Price: $239.75
Magnum 250L Gun
This unit is 15 foot in length, and rated at 200 amps. Equipped with the intergrated connector, twist-lock trigger connector, fixed nozzle and insulator, and includes a liner, diffuser, and contact tips for wire sizes .035 and .045.
Product SKU/Part Number: K533-7 
Welding Cart On Sale

Welding Cart (80 cu.ft. bottle capacity)
Full-featured cart is designed to store and transport a welder, 80 cubic foot gas cylinder, welding cables and accessories. Includes an angled top shelf for easy access to welder controls, a lower tray for added storage space, a sturdy handle and a convenient cable wrap hanger.

Physical specifications

Weight:24.75 lbs. (11.2 kgs. )
Product SKU/Part Number: K2275-1 
Sale Price: $94.70
MIG Nozzle On Sale
MIG Nozzle
Required when changing from Flux-Cored to MIG welding.  
Product SKU/Part Number: KH725 
Sale Price: $9.19
Drive Roll Kit-025 On Sale
Drive Roll Kit
For solid wire .025"-.030"
Product SKU/Part Number: K2855-1 
Sale Price: $29.50
Drive Roll Kit-035 On Sale

Drive Roll Kit
For solid wire .035"
For flux-cored wire .045"

Product SKU/Part Number: K2856-1 
Sale Price: $29.50